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A Climate Responsible Athlete:

  • Understands their impacts

    • measures their annual carbon footprint

  • Takes positive actions to reduce their impacts

    • use less carbon-intensive travel (walk, bike, carpool, public transit, fly less), use renewable energy, eat less meat, buy from B corps 

  • Offsets their unavoidable emissions

    • via verified carbon credits

  • Shares what they've learned with their sports community and younger generation

Since I began playing beach volleyball professionally in 2012 I have been searching for ways to bring awareness and action to climate change through my global sports community: volleyball. Through my studies for the UCLA Sustainability Certificate program, I developed Climate Responsible Athletes, a straightforward checklist to guide any athlete that wants to take positive actions towards solving climate change.


Whether you are a professional athlete, high school athlete, or weekend warrior, you have the ability to take responsibility for your environmental impacts and share what you’ve learned in your community! 


Below are resources to complete a carbon assessment to understand your impacts, offset your carbon emissions, and learn more about the intersection of sports and climate change.

'How many planets do we need if everybody lives like you?'

Global footprint Network's easy to use tool to calculate your carbon footprint 

Offset your footprint with sustainable surf, focused on kelp restoration in socal and mangrove planting in cambodia/thailand. VCS/CCBA certified

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