Jeremy Casebeer


Jeremy Casebeer, AKA the Lorax, was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California playing all sports as a kid and enjoying the beaches and mountains surfing, hiking and camping.

He found his passion for volleyball in high school and it took him to UCLA where he played indoor and majored in Environmental Studies and Political Science. 


He delayed a 'traditional' career in sustainability to play beach volleyball professionally in the US on the Association of Volleyball Professionals (AVP), around the world on the International Federation of Volleyball (FIVB) and in Brasil on their pro tour (CBV).

The Lorax is a voice for the sustainability generation; he speaks for the trees, the beach, and the ocean. Through his efforts to bring sustainability into sports Jeremy became a Climate Responsible Athlete: measuring his carbon footprint, taking actions to reduce it and offset the rest. 


As an ambassador for Sustainable Surf and EcoAthletes, Jeremy is committed to protecting our beaches and raising consciousness for our environment. 

The passion he brings to the court is matched by his love for beach volleyball and his quest to spread the game through clinics, coaching, and sharing performance tips.​

In 2019 Jeremy returned to UCLA as the Volunteer Assistant Coach for the Women's Beach Volleyball Team and to earn a Certificate in Sustainability. 


Career Highlights

  • 3x    Best server on the avp


  • 2019 AVP finalist austin 

  • 2019 4x avp semi finalist

  • 2019 3rd place team overall

  • 2018 4x avp semi finalist

  • 2018 3rd place team overall

  • 2017 3x avp semi finalist

  • 2016 avp finalist NYC

  • 2014 most improved player


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